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We install predominantly Paradox and IDS alarm systems due to their quality and cost effectiveness. Both wired and wireless Paradox systems are available and can be highly recommend. However we maintain virtually all makes of alarm systems. 





MSS has a well-trained mobile technical crew of five teams that install an array of electrical security devices like alarm systems, CCTV systems, access control devices in the form of intercoms, booms, electrical gate and door locks that work with tags, cards or infrared finger print recognition.


The public is demanding outdoor security components, like dual beams and outdoor passive infrared sensors, as it is better for the alarm to activate when an intruder is outside rather than in your lounge. We have a whole range of effective products that we can suggest to meet your specific needs

Our technical team is ready to assist you with a free quote based on your specific needs. From small entry level systems to large and intricate system.



    Office 021 007 1341 - Swartland

Office 022 220 0185 West coast

Technical - 072 699 7347 a/h